Glynis's main hobby is amateur dramatics and her web space is used to promote this hobby.


Glynis has been a member of the following drama groups:


- St Peters Players, Wolverhampton.

- REMO Players, Wolverhampton.

- Stone Little Theatre - (Stone,  Staffordshire)

- Duston Players - Glynis was Secretary, Chairman and
  a regular performer and producer with this Northampton
  based group until our move to Devon in 2008.


Since moving to South Devon in 2008, Glynis has joined TOADS Theatre Company, Shiphay Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS) and TOADS Stage Musical Company, Marldon Pantomime Group, and Teignmouth Players and has performed with the Bijou Theatre group.

September 2022

Having finished her performances in "And then there were none" (see Gallery for pictures), Glynis is planning to be co-producer once again as TOADS have a second attempt to put on Ladies Day, which was cancelled in October 2021 after a cast member got COVID. 

April 2022

Good news, Glynis has been selected for a part in the TOADS production of "And then there were none", the well known Agatha Christie production due to be on stage from 12th to 17th September 2022. But will she survive until the end of the play?

January 2022: Oh No she isn't! - Once again the Covid situation causes probems as the increasing cases after Christmas 2021 causes the Marldon Pantomime to be postponed until end of March 2022, Unfortunately we have a holiday planned for then, so Glynis has to give up the part. The Covid situation is getting somewhat annoying now!

November 2021: Well, Glynis rehearsed for the performance of Crown Matrimonial and it was performed at Palace Avenue Theatre on Wednesday 24th November as planned. Unfortunately during the second performance on Thursday 25th the lady playing one of the main parts collapsed on Stage and the performance had to be stopped and an ambulance called. The rest of the run could not continue without her and the rest of the run was cancelled. The lady taken ill is now recovering but has a severe virus infection which is now being treated. Glynis was disappointed not to complete the whole run of four nights of this production.

In the meantime Glynis has now started rehearsing for her next production, with the Marldon Pantomime Players, as she has the part of the Queen in Sleeping Beauty which will be staged at Marldon Village Hall at the end of January 2022.

October 2021: I've been a bit remiss not updating earlier. The Covid problems continue and the Summer performance of "Allo Allo" was cancelled before it even started. The theatre planned to open for a production of "Ladies Day" in October 2021, Glynis was the co-producer for this play and all rehearsals went ahead as planned and the show opened on Saturday October 2nd with a charity performance. Unfortunately, the leading lady had to visit the hospital on Sunday 3rd where before they dealt with her issue they tested her for Covid and she was positive. The performance on Monday 4th was therefore cancelled and after a second test proved positive, together with positive tests on some of the other members of the cast and crew the rest of the week was cancelled. Glynis and everybody else was very disappointed, but Glynis has tested negative each time she has tested, which is good news. None of the cast has been seriously ill with Covid, but the show could not continue with so much Covid about.

Glynis was then invited to take a part in the Bijou players production of "Crown Matrimonial" by Royce Ryton, to be performed at Palace Avenue, Paignton between November 24th and 27th 2021. Glynis was really hopeful that this production would take place as it will be her first time with the Bijou Theatre group. The play is based on the events leading to the abdication of King Edward V111 and his marriage to Wallace Simpson.

March 2021: We are hopeful that TOADS little Theatre will open again in July 2021 and will be able to put on the production of Allo Allo postponed from last summer, Glynis has a small part in this production with will be on stage during August and September 2021.


March 2020: Glynis had agreed to be in charge of Props for the TOADS production of Blithe Spirit in April 2020 and also take a small part in the TOADS Summer production of 'Allo Allo'. in August and September this year but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic both these productions were cancelled and the Theatre is Closed unti December 2020 at the earliest.

December 2019: Glynis was unable to Audition for a part in the TOADS production of "Babe,The Sheep Pig" due to holidays  but was helping out backstage as a Chaperone to the Children in the show.  Show Ran from December 9th to December 16th at TOADS little theatre.

September 2019: Glynis was in charge of Props for the TOADS play 'Death on the Nile' based on the Agatha Christie Novel of the same name. Opening on September 9th the show was on every night except Sunday until September 21st



Glynis would be interested in taking up Acting, Film Extra or Voiceover work, within reasonable travelling distance of Paignton, Devon. If you can offer such work please contact Glynis by email. (See contact page for details)